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10 Necessary Things Carry to Ladakh Trip

10 necessary things carry to ladakh

Ladakh valleys surrounded by the snow and one of the troublesome areas of the world, which is the highest war field and one of the most tourist attractive places in the world. A place of Buddhism monasteries, which preaches the message of religion to everyone person of this universe is great in itself. The Environment of the Ladakh is very cold. In a month of January & February temperature below minus 60 degree Celsius and during July & August temperature can rise up 20 to 35 degree Celsius.

Weather of Leh & Ladakh is very typical. Snowfall and storms are very common in this valley. Find 10 necessary things carry to ladakh trip in travel of this moorland reason for a perfect healthiest trip.

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Lip Balm: Cold and Dry weather of Ladakh makes your lips rough and dry, it may be quite painful. Lip Balm protects your lips in super chilled weather.

Mustard oil: Dry and cold air of the Ladakh damages your nostrils and makes hair dry which is very painful. A massage with mustard oil gives instant relief from moisturizing skin to a tourist.

Warm Inner: Ladakh is one of the coldest places on the earth, so you must carry warm clothes like the woollen jacket, warm inner etc for a happy travel.

Air/Water Resistant Jacket & Gloves: Weather of Ladakh can change anytime, rapidly depending on time, place and atmosphere. So at that time air/water resistant jacket & gloves help you to survive in that unfavorable condition.

ID Proof: There are a lot of army checkpoints in way of Leh & Ladakh, where army checks your identity and permit you to visit this unique area of the world. Your ID proof helps you to in booking hotels and restaurant in travel of Ladakh. Instead of it, you should have to keep a map of a Ladakh with your printed itinerary.

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