Places to Visit in Month of October in India, Tourist Places for October Month


Kutch Gujarat: Spend a Night under the Arms of Moon

Kutch is a must visit place, enriched with culture and vivid ethnicity. Traditions can be found in many variants, depends on the geographical conditions. Every community deals with the separate type of culture, tradition and getups. Around 45000 sq km of area is covered by the line of Tropic of Cancer from Kutch, Gujarat to the border of Pakistan. Great Rann of Kutch flashes itself in a light blue panorama in the moonlight whereas stunning beaches are also there in Madavi, Kutch. Dholavira is the place where ancient sign board is protected under the government protection. Spend some of your time there and try to decode the meaning of signs.

Nainital: Gladdening you with Landscapes and Lakes

The place is blessed with the feet of Lord Shiva who performed Tandava there. The name, Nainital became famous because of the name of Lake ‘Naini’. Make your October uniquely special with the scenic hill-shapes and landscapes of this place. Water and hill sport are always ready to thrill you with adventure and fun. There is a mall of handicraft and other apparel items, which is later named as ‘Govind Ballabh Pant Marg’. Find rare species like black bear, steppe eagle and snow leopard in Nainital Zoo. Let your children be fluent about the knowledge of ecosphere from ‘Eco Cave Garden’.

Darjeeling: Hub of Tea Gardens

A real gem place is Darjeeling among all the tourist places in India. Dazzle your eyes by viewing the amazing green and snowy landscapes. Exploring historical heritage, cultures, attractive fauna, tea gardens and pleasant weather will be the luckiest opportunity to know the beauty of this delectable place in depth for visitors.Britishers declared this spectacular place as a health destination in the mid of 1800s. Apart from picturesque beauty, Mahakal and Dhirdham temples are the most desirable places to visit in this glorious hill destination.

Rishikesh: Adventurous Spot triggered with Spiritual Waves of Lord Shiva

A space of Saint land situated on the bank of river Ganga in the northern part of India. In the ancient time, saints discovered the science of yoga and meditation in this town to heal the stress and diseases of people. This platonic place is located at the foothills of Himalayas with the easy approach of road connectivity. Soak the thrilling pleasure of Bungee jumping, hiking, rock climbing, rafting, trekking and rappelling on the adventurous centres of this place. It’s a miniature serene place, deals specially in spiritual meditation and yoga science. Its engaging weather allows you to enjoy the immaculate environment of adventurous activities.

Jodhpur: The Sun City

Rao Jodha, director of Rathore Principalities founded this place in the year of 1459. The landscapes of forts are panoramic and impressive. The place has many stunning forts and places, satiate your wish to engage with the kingdom of past rulers. Mehrangarh Fort and Jaswant Thada are the best places to visit in Jodhpur. Spiritual visitors also can head for Umaid Bhavan Palace, Achal Nath Shivalaya, Baba Ramdeo Temple and Chamunda Mataji Temple. Shopping for Chillies, Bandhini and ethnical footwear will be the mesmerising experience for tourists.

Wayanad: Rich in Nature

Wayanad, Kerala is famous for its scenic beauty and rich in nature to attract tourists. Green coverage on the rocks of valleys promotes adventurous activities to render extreme fun for the visitors. Chembra peak promotes the risky pleasure of trekking over the hard-to-reach grassy hills. Mountaineering to the stunning caves of Pakshipathalam can proceed with the special permission of the forest department of Kerala. DTPC avails the equipment, vehicles and guides to climb through these hills and amazing caves. River Kabani and other miniatures contribute to enhancing the beauty of Wayanad. Pookode lake swiftly flows through the rocks, joined later by small streams moult down in Panamaram to discover pleasing landscapes. Also, trek towards Meenmutty waterfalls and rejuvenate your soul with the amazing view of three stage crushes down on the rocks from the height of 300 metres.

Hampi: Place of Iconic Ruins

Hampi is the historical place in Karnataka holding the past of Vijayanagara Empire. It’s a great place to visit for history lovers and also the attraction point for archaeology researchers. According to the proposed plan of Karnataka government Machu Picchu in Peru and Hampi in Indian may soon become relational Heritage sites. The most impressive structure, Dasara Dibba is also there to stupefy tourists by its stunning architecture. Gejjala Mantapa is the architecture where people at the time of Vijayanagara Empire used to organise religious functions. A hulking bull sculpture promotes the perfect example of past fine architecture. Add one more spot of Zenana Enclosure, a completely private place, made for former Royal ladies.

Varkala: Papanasam beach

Varkala, the beach located just 51 km in the north of Thiruvananthapuram district. It is a very calm and fresh air zone situated on the periphery of Thiruvananthapuram district. It is believed that a dip in the holy water of this beach purges the soul from all sins happed in human life after the name pronounced “Papanasam beach”. A shrine with two thousand years old history is a nearby place, allows visitors to get knowledge over the spiritual span in the past.

Nalanda & Pawapuri: Collection of Ancient Architecture

Nalanda is famous for its ancient ruins founded in the 5th century. Lord Buddha visited Nalanda many times to teach people about spiritual peace and calmness. Nalanda Ruins Archaeological complex is spread in the area of 14 hectares. Viharas monastery is situated in the east of alleyway and the temples are located in the west. In the opposite of the ruins, the archaeological museum collects the sculptures of Buddhists and numbers of statues of Lord Buddha are also situated in this area. Study and research about Buddhism and Pali literature in the complex of Nava Nalanda Mahavira. Hieun Tsang Memorial hall is recently constructed in the memorable visit of the Chinese traveller, Hieun Tsang.
Pawapuri is the best place to visit in the month of October. The spot is generally famous for its old temples and their architectures. When we talk about the temple, Jal Mandir comes first because of its location right in the middle of the lake with charming lotuses. Jal temple is made of precious marble stones in the similar shape of Vimana. “Charan Paduka” of Lord Mahavira has been enshrined in this holy temple where Lord Mahavira attained Samadhi. “Gaon Mandir also blesses pilgrims and visitors where Lord Mahavira took his last breath. Nearby one more temple naming Samosharan is situated where Lord Mahavira preached to their disciples.

Pachmarhi: Queen in Serene Places

Former name “Satpura Ki Rani” transformed its name to Pachmarhi. The place is located in the lap of Satpura range with its green hills and valleys. The place is genuinely reserved by UNESCO for its flora and fauna. During the exile, Pandavas visited this enormous and beautiful place and made their years of stay by excavating 5 caves because of its favoured climate and pleasing environment. Rajat prapat comes in the list of highest water fall with a single drop of around 351 feet which is located in the Pachmari.

Ziro Valley: Valley of Peace and Beauty

The place is popular for its greenery and scenic places, blessed with the beauty of nature. A 337 Sq km “Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary” covers the numbers of rare species of animals and birds with almost no human interference. The “Meghna Cave Temple”, made in the ancient time and was discovered in the year of 1962 is also the leading attraction of Ziro, which is surrounded by the stunning views of Valley. Kile Pakho, Midey and Ziro puto are the most visitable points adds attraction to the interest of visitors and tourists. Various types of trees like Bamboo, pine and orchids holds the separate places to visit.

Digha: Splendid Beach Destination

The beach was discovered for its scenic beauty in the late 18th century at the time of Warren Hastings. This is the most renowned destination in West Bengal, especially famous for its beach. Take a drive just for 186 km and enjoy the beach resorts and location. The beach sweeps 7 km of fun coastline with the shallow sand and light rising waves. This alluring destination looks superb at the time of sunset. One can swim deep to the mile because of its safe wave density on the beach side.

Bandhavgarh National Park

Very low number of heritage parks holds the fame of leopards and tigers availability. Bandhavgarh National Park is most reputed among them. Undoubtedly, this is the thrilling area with a vast number of species of birds and animals. The place recorded the highest improving graph in raising the ‘numbers’ of tigers and leopard. This wild life zone has been divided into 3 major parts named as Tala, Magdi and Bamera, out of these Tala is primarily visited by the tourists for its large number of Wild Cat species. While Magdi and Bamera lets you spot various kind of species in birds and other animals.


Here, we are introducing you with most fascinating beach location in Maharashtra who lets you into the stunning world of the sightseeing and adventure. Ganpatipule is the small village with the series of beaches on the coastline of Konkan region. Thousands of Pilgrims visits the Ganpati Temple, located just on the 2 km of distance from Ganpatipule village. Huge water sports fun like parasailing and you can enjoy jet ski ride on the beaches of this place.

Manas National Park

The story is about “Project Tiger” in 1973, during “Manas National Park” successfully stepped first to reserve the breed of Tigers. The park sweeps 2837 sq km of the area to reserve thousands of breeds of animals and birds. The river Manas flows right through the middle of the park to enhance the beauty and becomes the source of water for animals. Tourists enjoy at their extreme by visiting the unbelievable gift of Mothanguri tourists site, reserved at the bank of the Manas river. Believe it or not, more than 650 species living their free lives to entertain you with thrill and adventure.