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Happy Monsoon      July   August

A monsoon vacation is preferred by the most private individuals. Usually there are lesser tourists around, as in many countries a rainy season coincides with the off-season. There is only a heavy downpour at specific time, but not always. Rain or sunshine, what matters is the enjoyable and adventurous trip. Niche types of travel for surfing or photography is particularly enjoyable during the rainy season, in many of the international destinations. The surfers enjoy the most, while riding the higher waves in the rainy season.

A trip to Bali is ideal during the rainy season, with its beaches and temples. A trip to quaint town of Lonavala in the Western Ghats of India is worth mentioning, with the magnificent waterfalls, offering a pleasant climate, taking you, far away from the bustling city. The adventure loving couples will always travel to the Western Ghats and the magical beaches of Goa that becomes all the more beautiful in the monsoon season.


Glamorous Winter       November   December      January   February

The warmth of the winter Sun has amazing effect, for the seasoned globetrotters. Beat the winter blues with the best of the winter vacation package. The winter heralds the beginning of the tourist season in India and abroad. If you are unwilling to spend most of your winter, draped in the blankets, the best destination in India is the Lakshwadeep. Get splashed in the azure water of Lakshwadeep, in the Indian Ocean and enjoy the underwater marine life. Solang valley is famous for winter sports like skiing. The snow covered locations of Manali offers a breath-taking scenario, for the visitors.

There are many winter holiday packages from EnjoyTrip that takes you to Europe and other international destinations, far away from the crowd. Start planning and book your winter holidays through EnjoyTrip’s winter travel packages, whether enjoying the Christmas festival or the fun activities in the international and the domestic destinations, with your relatives, loved ones and friends.

Beautiful Summer      March   April      May   June

It is vacation time for all as the sweltering heat of summer approaches. The meticulously planned itineraries for a family tour allow you to reconnect, relax and refresh with the loved ones, while taking the summer holidays. If you want a taste of the laid-back island life, the Bahamas is a good option for the international tourists.

Visiting the beaches by the side of the river Seine transforms your summer holidays, working on your tan and enjoying a sip of a cocktail from the open-air bars. A domestic tour in India often takes you with the family to a faraway hill station.

Shimla promises the most popular of the summer destinations, with a bearable climate and plenty of shopping experience. EnjoyTrip offers an array of packages for all the destinations, exploring the fun and adventure with fewer crowds and significantly lower prices.

enjoytrip season spring

Awesome Spring      September   October

Now, this is the time when winter is leaving and all are waiting for summers. This is the shifting time of Indian Season Cycle. The country welcomes the spring season at the time of Holi and Vasant Panchami festival. Southern states of India celebrate Sankranti and Thai Pongal on the first day of this season.

Spring is a very lovely season for tourists and adventure seekers. Party planners may plan for Goa and can explore the crazy fun on the beautiful beaches of Goa. Paragliding takes you off in the hills of Munnar and Rajasthan welcomes you with the historical royalty. Snow in the upper parts like Leh and Laddakh allows you to trek the risky and stunning terrains.

Internationally, tourists make their visit to the beaches of Florida and experience the film city, Los Angeles in California. Mesmerising beaches of Mauritius and Bali also welcomes you with their scenic charm and elegance. Sri Lanka is the closest outdoor location where tourists can capture the unforgettable moment with their family or loved one.